Varnish for Wood

vernis V4

Varnish based upon synthetic and nitrocellulose based resins. It is designed to enhance and protect the wood from water and sunlight. It gives a smooth and glossy finish to the wood.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Related products
  • Dilution
    Diluant Cellulosique D33
  • Aspect
  • Colors
  • Drying
    30 min - Recoatable : 1hour
  • Spreading-rate
    10 to 12 sqm/L
  • Packaging
    850 ml - 4.6 L
  • Tools
    Brush - Cloth -Spray
  • Storage
    2 years in original closed packaging
  • Flammable
    Use only in well ventilated areas .Keep away from sources of heat, sparks and flames
  • Harmful
    Dangerous if inhaled and /or if left in contact with the skin
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System Number of layers Theoretical yield in m²/kg per layer Drying time per Hour
POREX 1 12 1H
VERNIS V4 2 10 30mn