Is a high spreading rate render based upon a vinyl emulsion. It is designed for interior use on low cost housing projects. Can be applied over cementitious substrates, fiber cement, plaster and wood. It has a high covering power and easy application properties. It fills-in and covers over any surface imperfections and protects against the alkalinity of cementitious surfaces.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Dilution
    Ready to use
  • Drying
    1st coat: 6 hours - 2nd coat : 12 hours
  • Spreading-rate
    As a render : 2 to 3 sqm/kg - When repairing : 3 to 4 sqm/kg
  • Packaging
    25 kg
  • Tools
    Coating Knife
  • Storage
    12 months in the closed original container, as delivered.
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