Industrial coating

top coat iron epoxy

Iron epoxy topcoat is a finish that forms a weatherproof coating. It is applicable both interior and exterior. It is resistant to salt water and mineral oil splashes. Intended for the protection of steel structures, tanks and metal storage containers for industrial use in very aggressive conditions.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Aspect
    Glossy - Satin
  • Dilution
    Diluant Epoxy H5250 (5 to 15%)
  • Tint
    A choice is available
  • Drying
    Touch dry : 4h - Recoatable : 24h
  • Spreading-rate
    9,8 sqm/L
  • Packaging
    Kit : 5 L - 20 L
  • Tools
    Brosh - Roller or Spray
  • Storage
    Six months in the closed can, as delivered
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