Industrial coating

polyurethane varnish –shiny

A Polyurethane two-component varnish made with polyurethane resins and an aromatic polyisocyanate hardener. Designed to protect and beautify interior wood. Gives a smooth film, glossy with a high hardness, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Aspect
  • Color
  • Drying time  
    Drying time at 20°C and 60% relative humidity:Dust-free: 15 minDry: 30 minInterval between two layers: 120 min
  • Spreading-Rate
     10 to 12 sqm/L (Depending on the nature of the wood)
  • Packaging
    750 ml.
  • Binder
    Urethane resin.
  • Mixing Ratio
    The two components need to be mixed in the following ratio : 100%     of the base and 50% of the catalyser (Hardener).
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