Industrial coating


Colocar Industrial is a cellulosic based paint based on nitrocellulose and a non-drying alkyd resin. It is a glossy lacquer for indoor or outdoor work with good resistance to light. The application system is easy, it easy to work with, is quick-drying and can be applied in several layers of thin layers.
Colocar is intended for automotive surfaces, office furniture, gas cylinders and signes and billboards.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Dilution
    Diluant cellulosique C3
  • Aspect
  • Colors
    opaque and metallic shades
  • Drying
    20 - 30 min
  • Spreadying-rate
    8 sqm/kg
  • Packaging
    0.25 kg – 0.5 kg – 1 kg – 20 kg
  • Tools
  • Conservation
    One year in the closed original container, as delivered
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