Special paints

antirouille minium white

Very good primer for metal (iron and steel-work) free from rust and grease. Well appreciated for all types of metal work including agricultural material, industrial boilers and buildings, etc…
Protects against rust after the surface has been mechanically cleaned, eliminating the rust layer formed on the surface.

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Available shades
  • Dilution
    White spirit (D66)
  • Aspect
    Matt satin finish
  • Colors
  • Drying
    1st coat: 12 hours - 2nd coat: 24 hours
  • Spreading rate
    7 to 9 sqm/Kg.
  • Packaging
    1 kg - 5 kg - 30 kg
  • Tools
    Brush – Roller - Spray
  • Storage
    Nine months in the closed original container, as delivered.
  • Flammable
    Use only in well ventilated areas
  • Harmful
    Don’t breath the vapour - Don’t touch with the skin
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